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Why is traveling so popular nowadays?Is traveling limited to any age group?

Travelling is very popular in the 21 st century. Why do people travel? There are many answers and reasons. Probably the most common reason is tourist. People have always been curious about far-away places and cultures and traveling is really the only way to experience new places, meet interesting people, and see the most beautiful buildings in the world. Traveling for tourism is not limited to any age group. Even small children can travel with their parents on a family vacation to see another city, another region, or even another country.

What do people usually want to see abroad?

Many people like visiting castles, chateaux, palaces, ruins, churches, cathedrals and temples. When we travel, we can eat unusual foods and experience many different ways of life. We can meet new people and make new friends. Some people travel for business, political or cultural reasons, others travel only for recreation, fun and adventure.

Name some other reasons for traveling.

But there are more reasons for traveling .People travel because of the requirements of their job. Or they might travel because they are moving, either by choice or because they are refugees. Another reason to travel is to gather with family and friends from distant places.

How do we divide means of transportation?

There are many means of transportation that can be used while traveling. We can divide it into two groups-private and public. Private transportation includes cars, or for shorter distances, bicycles. Some people prefer motorbikes to cars. Motorbikes are faster-especially in cities-but it is more dangerous you must ravel alone or just with one friend and you can´t carry much luggage with you. A few people own a helicopter or a plane, but that isn´t very common.

Describe the means of public transportation in cities.

Public transportation offers a greater variety of options. The fastest and the most comfortable is traveling by plane. It usually takes just a few hours to reach distant destinations. But for many people it is too expensive. For distant journeys we can also use buses or trains. Buses are faster and cheaper, but less comfortable. Trains offer more space, and you can move about during the journey. Sometimes there is also a dinning car where you can have some refreshment. It is also possible to travel by ship. It is cheap and you can carry a lot of luggage, but it takes longer.

Buses usually represent the main public transportation in cities. Sometimes there are trams or trolleybuses. Some bigger cities also have underground subway. The underground has many advantages-it runs frequently and is fast, many people can use it at the same time. But some people think it is dangerous to travel by tube. They feel that everywhere is a threat of a terrorist attack.

One special means of transportation is the taxi. You can use it everywhere in the city you can call it whenever you want, but you usually pay for it great money. Especially the Czech taxmen are said to be very expensive and not always fair.

Which mean of transportation is the cheapest?

The absolutely cheapest means of transportation is hitch-hiking. You can meet interesting people, see new places and save money. One drawback is that you never know how long the journey will take so it´s best if you don´t have any exact plans. Another disadvantages of hitch-hiking is that it can be quite dangerous. you never know who the driver is and how he drives. It is necessary always to use a seat-belt. If you are not sure that the driver is OK you must stop him and leave the car.

Describe the advantages and disadvantages of traveling.

There are many advantages of traveling-fun, adventure, the excitement of seeing new places and learning about new cultures. But there are also disadvantages. When you are traveling you don´t have all your comforts from home, you are in an unfamiliar environment, you might not like the regional cuisine, or you might even encounter dangerous thieves.

But there are also some disadvantages and complications. The number of cars in the world is rising and it causes a lot of complications. Many towns are afflicted by traffic jams. Increasing costs of petrol are unwelcome for the households and firms. There is a risk of crashing when you travel by bus or car. There is also a danger of being exposed to some illness when you take public transportation, and now a new risk is a terrorist attack.

If you travel abroad you must be sure you have all the necessary documents, like your passport and a visa, if one is needed to travel to a specific country. You need to make travel arrangements, and exchange some money into the local currency of the country where you are traveling.

How can travel agencies help you with the organization of your vacation?

If you want to go on vacation you can take an advantage of the services offeres by travel agencies. Travel agencies will take care of accommodation, transportation, health insurance, accident and baggage insurance. It is much more comfortable-but you pay for it, of course.

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