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Town and country


Here are some of the things you will find in most big towns: a commercial centre(an area with lots of banks and company offices), shopping centres (places with many shops, other indoors or outdoors), car parks (places to leave many cars), factories (buildings where you make things), suburbs (areas outside the centre of town where people live), libraries (plyces where you can borrow books), pollution (dirty air because of smoke and petrol fumes) and night-life (places to go at night, e.g. bars, restaurants, cinemas, discos, theatres,..)


People who prefer big towns have a different point to view: There are plenty of things to do, it´s exciting, there is a wide range of shops and there is a lot of night-life.


People who prefer the country side to big towns often say: Towns are noisy, dirty and polluted, stressful, crowded and dangerous.

Describing a flat or house

The rooms on the ground floor are quite dark because they don´t get very much sun. They are also quite noisy because they are near the roads and the traffic. The other negative things is that the rooms are draughty. This means it is expensive to heat the rooms. Fortunately I have a very good central heating system. In other ways it is also very nice; it is in good condition and the rooms are huge.

Buying and renting

Some people buy a flat or house. When they do this in Britain, people usually borrow money from a bank or organization called a Building Society. This money, which is called a mortgage, is often paid back over 25 years.

Other people rent a house or flat. When they do this, the money they pay is called the rent, and the person who owns the house or flat is the landlord.


The living room or lounge is room where you sit, relax, talk and watch TV, the dining room, the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom.

Some people also have a study, a utility room, a spare room and possibly a playroom for small children.


My room is very clean and tidy, but my brother is very untidy; he leaves his clothes all over the floor and never makes his bed. What´s worse, he doesn´t clean his room very often, so most of the time is quite dirty.

I do the washing-up every evening after dinner, and I normally do the washing and ironing at the weekend when I have a bit more free time. I also hoover the carpets and polish the dining room table once a week.



The countryside is quiet and peaceful, clean, calm and relaxing, safe and has got a lots of open space.


It is so boring, there is nothing to do, there are only a few shops and there is no night-life.

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