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Where do you live?

I live with my parents and my sister in a three-room flat in a block of flats. Our flat is on the fifth floor. Our house is not very nice from the outside but our flat is comfortable and lovely. The rooms are quite small but they respond to modern standarts.

How many rooms does your flat or house have ? Describe each room.

If you visit our family, you will come first to the entrance hall. It is small and there are many doors leading to each room. You will leave your coat on a coat hanger and then I will show you round our flat.

What is in the kitchen? Describe it.

The kitchen is our mum´s kingdom. She cooks and prepares various delicious meals there. Our kitchen is well equipped with a fridge, freezer, electric oven and gas-stove. Then there is a cupboard, food store and a sink. My mother wishes for a dishwasher, but there is no place for it. In the corner there is a square table with four chairs. Here we have our daily meals. My mother is very good cook. Everybody who has visited us praised her cooking. Our kitchen is small but bright because there is a big window decorated with curtains. My mother keeps the kitchen clean. She mops and polishes the vinyl flooring nearly every day.

In which room does the whole family gather? Describe it.

The living room is the centre of our family life. We spend our evenings here. It is the largest room of our flat. We can enter it by two doors. One of them leads to the hall and the other one to the kitchen. Here we can either watch TV or listen to music or visit with guests, sitting on a sofa or in armchairs. Between them we have a coffee table with a vase and a lamp. There are always some flowers in the vase. In the corner there is also a small table with a computer where I often play games or prepare for school. Next to the window there is a large bookcase because my parents love books. Near it stands our stereo. Walls are painted in light yellow, so the room looks very sunny and cosy. And they are decorated with many pictures and photographs. The whole floor is covered with a brown carpet.

What do you have in your own room? Describe it.

My room is called the children´s room, although I live there alone. I used to share it with my sister, but now she lives with her boyfriend in his small flat. My room is furnished with a cabinet, wardrobe, a chair with a desk on which I do my homework and two beds.  Opposite to the window there is a small bookcase. I have one small plant on my table, many photos and many posters on the walls.

Other room? Describe it.

My parents bedroom is very small, but it gives them privacy. There is only a large twin bed and two wardrobes in which nearly all our clothes are stored.

From the hall we can go to the toilet and a bathroom with a large bath and basin and washing machine. There are white tiles with flowers on the walls.

I like our flat because it is my home. But in the future I would like to have my own flat or house. In the beginning a small falt will be good enough, maybe somewhere in the centre of the city. But later when I establish a family, I would like to have a nice house with a large garden in the country or the suburbs. There are various types of houses: Terraced ouses are built in long rows, each house attached to another on both sides. Semi-detached houses are part of a pair and joined on one side to its partner. Detached houses stand alone, usually with a garden all around it. These houses are much more expensive than semidetached and are often owned by rich people.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both living in the town and country has its advantages and disadvantages. When you llive in the town, you are close to various shops, theatres, cinemas and restaurants and also to doctors. It is very comfortable. On the other hand there are always manypeople, cars, noise and polluted air. And there is also a greater risk of crime. In general, living in the centre of town is better for people with no children.

What are the differences between living in city and in the country?

Living in the country is much calmer. There is fresh air and nature. Children can play in the garden or ride bicycles. But it can be difficult to get to the nearest city with transport. It can be more complicated to get to shops, to the cinema, to the doctor or to get children to school. Families usually need at least one car. Sometimes it is also difficult to find a job there.

For someone who grew up in the country it may be difficult to settle in the town and vice versa. Anyway, it is a modern trend to leave the town, live in a house in suburb and go every day to the city to work.



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